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Case Studies

Editing, Grammar Skills

Aria is a top aeronautics engineer from the Middle East, whose written work was full of grammar errors. His company had sent him to a community college night school grammar course, but he continued to make the same errors. His manager, hoping to cope with the problem informally, edited Aria's work. But because Aria had successfully completed graduate school in an English-speaking country, he did not accept his manager's grammar corrections. The HR manager decided to hire a Dynamic Communication Skills consultant to work with Aria in a tutorial setting. At the conclusion of the ten-hour program, Aria had gained both a thorough understanding of why he was making his errors and the editing skills to catch and correct them.

Presentation Skills

The VP/GM of a major retail chain was responsible for videotaping motivational messages to be sent to sales staff across the United States and Canada. He used scripted material which lacked flow and interest. On top of that, his presence was static, he kept his eyes on the text, and spoke in a monotone. The Dynamic Communication Skills consultant work with him to improve the clarity and rhythm of the scripts, and to enhance the presentation with examples, anecdotes, and visual aids. We provided training and exercises to reduce his accent, improve modulation, and to use natural gestures. We taught the client to focus on the video camera as if it were a person, and to relate with greater emotion and enthusiasm. At the conclusion of training, the client conveyed a much more relaxed, interesting, and enthusiastic video presence which received considerable positive feedback from both retail store employees and senior management.