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Case Studies

Business Writing: Groups

A large aerospace company was looking for a Business Writing program that would address both the technical and the non-technical aspects of their company's correspondence. Dissatisfied with expensive, generic, publicly-offered courses, the company asked Dynamic Communication Skills to develop a customized Business Writing Program. The result was a Dynamic Business Writing Program which addressed the technical and administrative writing needs of the company and also captured the spirit and the culture of the organization. The company now offers cost-effective in-house training on a regular basis.


Marie was a chartered accountant from Quebec, developing a risk management program for a large financial institution in Ontario. She was responsible for procedures to reduce risks related to issues such as user access, conflict of interest, and Y2K. Although Marie's technical knowledge of her material was considerable, her work was disorganized, insubstantial, and full of awkward sentences and grammatical errors. Through a Dynamic Writing Skills program, Marie learned to approach her writing systematically, to support her points with relevant, detailed information, and to edit her work effectively. She is now a more confident, proficient writer, who can judge her work objectively and communicate her ideas clearly.


Cultural Communication

Ivan was an Eastern European physicist who emigrated to Canada in 1996. Unable to find work in his own field, he enrolled in computer skills courses, and eventually got a job at a large, multinational consumer goods company. Happy as he was to have the job, Ivan could not adjust to the company's corporate culture, which involved 360 degree evaluations, numerous consensus-building meetings, and a heavy emphasis on information gathering through informal interpersonal networks. After completing a Dynamic Communication Intercultural Skills Program, Ivan was more relaxed, more comfortable, and more productive in his corporate environment. He has since received a promotion, and is now considered a key asset to his department.

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